The Rise of Creative Writing-Impacts on the Short Story

Dear All, I recently received this mailing and thought this lecture might  interest some of you.. Alison

Open University Contemporary Cultures of Writing Group: The Rise of Creative Writing:Alison MacLeod (University of Chichester), Derek Neale (Open University).

Creative Writing has been taught in British universities for forty years and really took off in the last two decades. There are over a hundred MA courses in the UK, the best of which are a significant training ground for ambitious writers. It is easy to demonstrate that a good writing course can give a talented student a high-speed ride to literary accomplishment. But there has been very little systematic investigation into whether the teaching of Creative Writing has a made a traceable impact upon contemporary literary methods and styles. Have creative writing courses changed the nature and styles of what is written and published, of how literature is currently perceived, produced, and consumed?

21st February, 5:30pm,Institute of English Studies, University of London Room ST273, Stewart House, 2nd Floor, Russell Square

If you would like to attend this lecture please contact Jon Millington, Institute of English Studies:


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