Words from Fiona Sampson

Here’s a quote from Fiona Sampson, reflecting on learning and teaching poetry in universities:

Poetry requires an apprenticeship, like any craft; but it’s one that gains particularly from the university setting, where a knowledge of the genre, questioning and close reading are already being taught in a number of other ways.”
Coincidently, I ran into these large-format stencil poems of Fiona’s, displayed along a corridor in Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where I work.
Why do I think?
Small Picture

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  1. David Rogers
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 08:27:37

    Wise words, Fiona, and a view I know your poet colleagues at Kingston agree. Good poets are good readers, and at times I regret the loss of influence of the New Critics. Imaginative close reading is not only intellectually stimulating but it also inspired poets, I think, reminded them always the many, many ways that they might make their poems ‘mean’ – or their poets might be taken to ‘mean’.


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