Teaching-Writing Workshop – Spring 2013

The following is the spring schedule for the MFA Teaching & Writitng workshop (Tuesdays 6-8 pm). This class and tutorials are open to MFA students who have completed the MA  and are in their 2nd year full time, 3rd/4th year part time.

Please familiarize yourself with the work of all the guests.

Week 1 (January 29): Workshop Principles and Practice (Scott Bradfield)

Week 2 (February 5):  (Scott Bradfield)

Week 3 (February 12):  MFA Residencies – Lamar Herrin (reading to follow at 7:30)

Week 4 (February 19):  Teaching and Writing (Jonathan Barnes)

Week 5 (February 26):  MFA Residencies – Wendy Cope on Teaching Poetry (no reading)

Week 6 (March 5):  Writing and Teaching  (James Miller)

Week 7 (March 12):  Writing and Teaching:  (Adam Baron)

Week 8 (March 19):  Teaching Poetry in Community:  Martin Dawes – guest

Easter Break/ Enriched Activity Week (March 25 – April 12):

Week 9 (April 16):   MFA Residencies – Paul Maliszewski (reading to follow at 7:30)

Week 10 (April 23):  MFA Residencies:  Christopher Priest (reading to follow at 7:30)

Week 11 (April 30):   LAST CLASS:  Scott Bradfield


Edward Fox (four)

Wendy Cope (two – poetry)

Jonathan Barnes (ten)

Martin Dawes (two – poetry)

Lamar Herrin (ten – prose and poetry)

Christopher Priest (ten)

Paul Maliszewski (prose and poetry)


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