other good stuff

here is some other stuff we like:

Blogs and websites by current and former MFA students:

http://lucyfurleaps.com – Poetry in motion. Poems, nonfiction and lots more by Lucy Furlong

http://sineadkeegan.blogspot.com – Finding Home a culture, travel and current events blog by Sinéad Keegan

http://amnyankee.blogspot.co.uk/ – A Minnesota Yankee by Amy Suiter

http://www.ryanlicata.com/ – Little King Scrolls by Ryan Licata

http://www.alaaelfadel.com/blog/ – Mountain Quill: On Becoming a Writer by Alaa El Fadel

http://www.fourteenmagazine.com/ – edited and published by former Kingston MFAer Michael Loveday –

“A magazine devoted to poems of fourteen lines.”

http://www.threesixfivestory.wordpress.com/ – the illegitimate nagging brainchild of Kingston MFAer Stuart Bird –

a blogsite dedicated to reading and commenting on a different short story every day for a year.

http://blogs.chi.ac.uk/shortstoryforum/?page_id=236 – Thresholds – chichester’s uni’s dedicated short story forum run by Loree Westron and Alison Macleod.

For Alison Macleod’s Top 10 Short Stories check this:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2007/oct/23/top10s.short.stories


Other good sites:

http://blackclock.org/ – edited by former MFA Resident Steve Erickson –

“Singular, idiosyncratic, and little mysterious, Black Clock has become one of America’s leading literary journals since its inception three years ago.” (2007)

http://www.kingstonwritingschool.com – Home of the Kingston Writing School based at Kingston University

http://fass.kingston.ac.uk/writing/ripple/ – Ripple Magazine. Literary magazine of Kingston University.

http://www.kingston.ac.uk/postgraduate-course/creative-writing-mfa/ – Interested in joining us? Check out the MFA at Kingston University here.

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