Congratulations to ‘our own’ Hilary Mantel

So, she’s not really ‘ours’, but we’re dead proud nonetheless and talking up the fact that the amazing Hilary Mantel accepted an Honorary Doctor of Letters from Kingston University on 01 November 2011. Kingston was pleased to honor her outstanding contribution to contemporary British literature and her continuing engagement with history.

This past Wednesday, Mantel was awarded the Man Booker Prize for her novel Bring Up the Bodies, no small feat with competition from established writers such as Will Self and astounding debut novelists like Alison Moore (you can see the long and short lists here). This is twice as impressive because it’s the second time she’s won the prize, which is widely considered one of the top literary prizes in the world. In 2009 her novel Wolf Hall was awarded the same accolade. She’s winning Bookers faster than a lot of novelists write novels.

In the great pride that Kingston University has for Hilary Mantel, there are two (count them, two) scholarships being offered in her name. The Hilary Mantel Scholarships are worth a whopping £5,000
for each of two years and are available to students from the USA only. As these scholarships are very new and not available until next year, you should confirm all details with Kingston University. Brochures are available from the FASS office in Penrhyn Rd. For our foreign readers, you can contact the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences here.


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